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Kiss me by moppaa
by moppaa

This really gave me massive chills, and that is not from the coldness of Scotland haha, I really love the depth of feelings that I get ...


::Kodaii:: by PrettySkitty16
I haven't actually drawn this OC he's...mainly been in MMD.
Which is funny cause he's one of my favorite's besides Kojaku amd Spirit..
::Cinnamon The Tsundere:: by PrettySkitty16
::Cinnamon The Tsundere::
So here is another pic of my newest OC
She's still got lots to work on but I am aimining to make her the tsundere that constantly gets annoyed at her best friend who is a kuudere.

Cina, I'll call her for short.
Is a no nonsense hard worker that is not good with socialising. She loves books , studying and games.
Complete opposite of her best friend.


Anime is like love, its magical
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
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Hi, name is K Chan, or if you want Skitty~
I love pretty much all forms of anime and manga, plus I am a mega horror fan and I love to draw anything that comes to my head.
I am a generally nice person. But if I am pushed, then claws come out. I try to think the best of everyone.
Here are just few rules of my page.

1. Treat me with respect, I'll do the same to you.
2. Don't ask for fetish requests, I am not comfortable with them and da is not the place for them.
3. Don't harrass, if I take time doing a request,odds are I'm just busy and ill do it when i get the time.

Follow these and we'll get on fine, :3
Few fandoms I am apart of :


I'm A Freddy Fan by PsychoSlaughterman

I'm A Michael Maniac by PsychoSlaughterman

Freddy vs Jason Stamp by Laukku2000

I'm A Jason Junkie by PsychoSlaughterman

I'm A Chucky Chaser by PsychoSlaughterman

I'm A JigSaw Apprentice by PsychoSlaughterman


Shugo Chara Stamp by NekoNami

Pokemon Fan Stamp by NekoNami

Tokyo Mew Mew Power Stamp by FairyLoffy


love Creepy pasta stamp by D3lDARA-Resources


I have too many to count xD
My YT acc -…

I upload mostly speed arts. random mmd things and shit like that haha.


Stamp: I love my OC(s) by Jeshika-Haruno

Think that's all but, I love chatting to people so please don't be scared to talk!
Also I role play at the odd time too, so if you have an idea then pitch me it !

-- Skitty~
A bit of info on Spirited.

I based him off this particular type of Vampire…

He does not like the person he is , he didn't choose the life of a vampire. 
Many times, he's tried to commit himself harm. Each time, he simply healed.
When he was first turned, he killed many. It was only after being saved by Kaida that he started to regain his partial sanity. Though he acts very bitter and resentful. He is quite the opposite , but since most judge him on his cold attitude, very little know of the person he truly is.

When Kaida caught him trying to end his life, she merely smiled.
"If you truly hate this cursed life so much....then...I cannot stop you...but..please, think of who you are leaving...because...I remember everyone who leaves my life...and you.. will be the hardest to let go of. So... please... think wise..."

Since then he has stayed by Kaida's side and tried to see the humanity in people. Though he dislikes it at most times.

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