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by moppaa

This really gave me massive chills, and that is not from the coldness of Scotland haha, I really love the depth of feelings that I get ...


I am so sorry for the absence.
I've had a lot going on in real life and it's left little time for any of my artistic things.
And I am naming one Nina and one Alexander :D
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I just linked them together and shaped the face.
I was originally gonna put this as part of the story, but I figure, it doesn't tie into the canon of my Jeff The Killer universe. So I'll post it here, this is AU to the events that have taken place. Considering Krystal was murdered.

So yea.


The girl sat in the bathrooom. He had lied, he lied to her about the condom. It had to be that conclusion, how else could she be looking at a positive strip? Enraged wasn't even a word capable of explaining her betrayal and her hurt right now. She was as of right now, 8 months pregnant. Yet, she hadn't even shown any sign of being with child. It wasn't until she realized that Jeff had been acting...Far too nice, not to mention. She found several father hood books in his room. That was when it began to dawn onto her that something was up.

Not to mention, she was enduring severe pains that would slice her like a sharp knife. What could she do?! She had thought about the 'A' option but she gathered that doing so, would not please the bastard that done this and also maybe shorten her own life span aswell. It wasn't like the sexual act was not with her consent. But still, he had swore that he wore protection. Was he doing this to her on purpose? Did he plan to trick her?!

Gripping her hair with her fists, she growled. Her moods had been bi polar as of late. She felt like killing everything, who could blame her really after discovering this? Pushing her body up, she forced herself to leave the confines of the bathroom and head to their room She would confront that mother fucker about this.

Jeff was reading a book on how to deal with children and their temper tantrums. This would've been handy with Jerry as a 3 year old. His head snapped at the slamming of the door and he winced at the glare shooting his way. Oh boy, this was it, confrontation time. 

"How fucking long."

Krystal all but sneered out. Jeff sat up and put his book down. 

"I've known the whole time. I just couldn't bare to-"

Jeff dodged something that smashed into the wall beside his head, he knew that he had really fucked up this time.


Krystal screamed out and lunged full throttle at him. he really never expected this reaction from her and felt himself be pinned down to the floor. Did pregnancy give women super strength?! The killer gulped and looked up at the pissed off female.

"Give me a reason, not to punch your fecking face in."

She really didn't care if anyone heard her. Her rage had reached its limits with this lying piece of shite, and she would ensure that he was made well aware of this. Jeff panted and looked up her, this was getting out of hand. But he was at a stand still, if he harmed her in any sense. Then he risked losing what he created inside of her.

Jerry came running up only to see the two close to murdering one another, he froze and gaped. Krystal turned her head and glared hard at the boy. He had known about this too, she felt no remorse for either of them.

"Get to your room NOW! Your father and I are having adult conversations. GO!"

The boy yelped and bolted to his bedroom, not wishing to have the woman's scorn onto him as well. He made sure to lock his door and bolt it. He wanted to live to see his sixteenth.

Jeff meanwhile, without hurting her , had pushed the girl off of him and watched her land on her rear end. He had to keep her calm as stress was bad for the pregnancy. It was also at this time that Krystal had started to feel something strange, it wasn't sickness or anything like she'd felt before. It was searing pain and her lower half began to leak...oh no..


She all but screamed out and this made the man freeze on the spot. But it'd only been 8 months. The kid was too early to arrive, this had to be wrong. Jeff looked down as well and spotted that the water had indeed broken. They couldn't go to a hospital as he would be too easily recognized there. It then dawned on him that she was a medical student, she could walk him through this process.

The man lifted the woman up and booted the door down. They rushed to the bathroom and he placed her into it. Krystal was ranting and raving about how he had to call a hospital. But instead, he contacted Eyeless Jack. He was a surgeon and he had to know how to deal with this kind of thing.

Jack looked at the girl and then Jeff.

"I feel so sorry for whatever is going to be born into this wretched world."

He sighed as he took out his medical kit. Jeff was sitting with the girl when Jack asked him to leave, he obviously was livid at this declaration but did as he was asked of none the less. Jerry unbolted his door and went to meet his father as they both sat in the hallway of the house.

4 hours later...

The two were asleep when the door was opened and Jeff got jerked awake. Jack came in and looked up. With his mask on, it was hard to tell his moods apart. He merely motioned them to follow in. Krystal was holding a pink blanket and cooing into it. Jeff fell to his knees. He had a girl...a lovely.. a little girl. 

Jerry came through and looked in awe as well, what did she look like?!

Krystal opened the blanket and showed of the rose faced child with black hair and blue eyes. She initially didn't want this child, a child born through lies.. but as soon as she saw the face and the feeling over came her. She pushed that note aside. This was her own child. 

"What's the name?"

Jack asked as he handed her a form.


Came Jeff's reply as he held the blanket with Krystal and Jerry.

"Jennifer Anderson Woods."


Well there is the short AU chapter of Killer's Son.

Now I have to get to work on Lovesick.


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